Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Beautiful Singapore from the Highs and the Lows

Singapore is a beautiful city undoubtedly. The visitors always get confused about what to do as tourist in Singapore because there are so many things to do. The detailed visit of Singapore brings you many beautiful things but the overall look of Singapore is stunning. Singapore looks great from up and down. Whether you climb the highest point or dive to the lowest point, Singapore leaves you stunned.

1. The Highs

what to do as tourist in Singapore

With a beautiful city architecture and a spectacular skyline, watching it from the height gives you amazing scenes that you can never forget. Watching the sun setting in the water and the reddish light of setting sun making the city look beautiful is a breathtaking experience. Climbing some of the peaks is the right thing what to do as tourist in Singapore. The most famous among the heighted views is Singapore flyer. The place of flyer gives you the best scenes of Singapore. You may also go for the tallest buildings in the city that provide you a skywalk to enjoy the scenes. Tiger sky tower is also a great place to get a 360-degree view from good height.

  • The Sands Hotel Gives an Amazing Look

The sands hotel

If you are ready to spend enough money then marina bay has a lot for you. The restaurants at the gardens by the bay will give you good scenes of the bay area. The sands hotel gives an amazing look of the bay area from good height. You may need to spend good money for this hotel. The financial center at marina bay also gives a great view of the surroundings.
  • Cable Car Trips

Cable car trips to Sentosa are distinct experiences for a height view. If you want to take a skywalk away from city and enjoy some greenery then go for the south ridges or fort Siloso.

2. The Lows

Charter Boat Singapore
With a charter boat, you can get the best view of Singapore city as you sail in the water. Where the city life ends, the marine life starts. While the highs keep your eyes wide open, the lows reach to your heart by the way of eyes. Marine life of Singapore is a unique thing to see. With help of scuba diving, you can see the beauty of Singapore deep down the water levels. There is a colorful life awaiting you.

  • Sea Creatures


Get a charter boat to explore the water world of Singapore and find right places to jump in and spend some time with the sea creatures. You can get expert help if you are not expert in this but this task is worth doing. The real attraction of Singapore exists in water. Many species of fishes, seahorses, tortoises, octopuses and many species of beautiful coral reefs stay in the Singapore water.
  • Underwater Aquarium at Sentosa

Singapore From The Sea

You may sail towards any island with a charter boat to explore the life near the island. Apart from that, the underwater aquarium at Sentosa will take you to the underwater ride. Enjoy the lower world of the Singapore from a close view. You will not be able to decide what the best is- the highs or the lows.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Distinctive Places to Party in Singapore

Partying is a favorite activity for youngsters. If you are in Singapore, there are plenty of places to party. Not just the routine party places but also a few extraordinary party venues await you for the party. Pubs, bars, clubs etc. are obvious choice for party where you can enjoy all night dancing with your friends. For a stags night, club party pay be the first choice but the below party venues may change your mood.

Beach party

Singapore has many beaches with clean white sand. You can select any beach for arranging a party. If you are not wishing to go on a crowded beach for party, then sail towards one of the secluded islands and celebrate your stags night there. It is fun to celebrate a secret party on secluded island. You will have a lot of space and no one will disturb you. You can party freely as much as you want to. Seclude islands are beautiful because of their untouched original beauty. Make sure you do not leave the mark of party behind in form of garbage.

Yacht party

If you are looking for a more secret place and want to enjoy a party while sailing on the water with all facilities, arrange a yacht party and get all luxurious set up for a rocking party. The charter will arrange for the party according to your wish. They will suggest you good decorators for party arrangements. They can also arrange musical band for making your party rocking. If you want to play your favorite track instead, then you can bring your pen drive filled with your favorite songs. There is a good quality music system on the yacht connected to a computer in saloon area. Dance hard with your friends and have delicious food when hungry. Your yacht party will not miss a drink. There is a small bar with licensed bar tender to serve you with drinks, of course in a magnificent glassware.


Not suitable for a stags night party but for a dinner party, this is a thrilling experience. Aquariums are great places for kids but the underwater aquarium of Singapore is a great place for all age groups. How about a dine set up surrounded by the sea creatures? You can arrange a dinner party in the aquarium where you can have food, watching sharks moving around you. It is an adventure to have food when you know you are under a roof surrounded by sea. The color of turquoise water will make the atmosphere unique.


Singapore’s water world is exclusive but this is not the only charm of area. There are many skywalks where you can take an adventurous walk. Super tree is a man made attraction that looks best with its design and the lights in night. The super tree skywalks are famous for watching these beautiful trees but a special tree top restaurant may make a great spot for dining while partying. Spend your time by the bay and enjoy the beautiful place at night.
Singapore is a place for ultimate celebration. The city never stops celebrating. You will get a natural atmosphere for party because these people are habitual of making parties better.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Enjoy The Rich Marine Life of Singapore Closely

Many tourists may think about what to do as tourist in Singapore when they are planning their holidays. Singapore is a beautiful city where tourists have lots of fun.  From food to clothes and gardens to buildings, Singapore offers variety to the tourists. Apart from these, Singapore is best known for its marine life. The turquoise water and white sands make the scene alluring but there is a life under water.

If you charter a yacht and sail through the waterways towards one of the many islands, you will see many sea creatures in the water. However, not all the sea animals are visible on the upper layer of water. The best way to enjoy them is with scuba diving.  There are many charters in Singapore to take you for a sailing trip. While most of them offer you joy of sailing and staying on different islands, few best charters offer you extra services. Manned with experts in different categories, these charters make your trip amazing.

Experienced scuba divers find their own way to enjoy marine life but this may not be easy for inexperienced people. If you are a fresh diver and ready to enjoy the thrill of diving, charter a yacht in Singapore and enjoy diving with experts on the yacht. They not only guide you with the right strategies of diving but also take complete care of your safety. These experts known the sea area very well and help you in selecting the right area for scuba diving.

Singapore marine life is one of the most beautiful marine views attracting the client. The clean and turquoise water of the sea makes it more comfortable and refreshing experience. The life under water is very different. Singapore Sea has many species of fishes and corals. You can find lovely sea stars, clown fishes and seahorses in the water of Pulau Hantu. You may find Bamboo sharks in the water and see many turtles swimming peacefully. Pulau Hantu is famous for the rich amount of coral reefs. The hard and soft reefs are beautifully placed by nature in the water of this island.

If you do not like diving, you still do not have to worry about what to do in Singapore. Marine life of Singapore is not only for divers. It is a fun to go fishing near Sisters’ island. The best place for fishing is the channel between two islands. There you can catch many species of fishes while your eyes may get a chance to capture octopus, nudibranch or periclimenes also known as anemone shrimp. These beautiful creatures are eye catching and you may always find a chance to click an image but that is a matter of skill and luck. On Kusu Island, you will see many tortoises. It is a different experience to see so many tortoises together.

Although the sea has a rich underwater life with so many species of coral reefs, fishes and other creatures in every area; diving experience near some secluded islands will make it worth. Where crowd is high, animals fear to stay. On secluded islands, you will find more creatures living peacefully. Get help of the experts when you charter a yacht and make your experience wealthy.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Enjoy Singapore Skylines From Heights

Watching Singapore from the sea gives you a fine look of Singapore skyline from distance. If you visit Singapore, you can sail around Singapore and see the beauty of Singapore from a luxurious yacht. However, Singapore is famous for its sky-walks from where you get a broad view of surrounding areas. There are many famous sky-walks where you can visit. If you are thinking about what to do as tourist in Singapore, you must include one or more of these sky-walks.

Fort Siloso sky-walk in Sentosa will give you lots of information about the defense stories of Singapore. The sky-walk is tall and the bridge for walk is surrounded with treetops so you can enjoy greenery. There is restaurant and resort at the top from where you can take the look of beautiful sea by the side and enjoy delicious food or relax yourself in spa. You can reach to the top via a lift.

If you like to see the greenery all around form a different angle, southern ridges have a lot for you. A mini mountain range of Singapore and forests make the place favorite of all age visitors. The walkways of southern ridges allow you to see these beautiful places with little walk. 

It is good to watch Singapore from the sea while sailing or swimming in the lagoons near beaches but how would it feel to watch the city while swimming at heights? This surely is a thrilling experience. The infinity pool at hotels by the Marina bay has it all for you. You can swim in the pools at the rooftop of a tall hotel where the pool ends at edges of the story. You can see the beautiful scene from heights relaxing in the water or having delicious food in top rated restaurants. This luxurious hotel gives you marvelous joy.

Marina bay area is beautiful and a posh hotel may not be affordable for everyone. However, there is another sky-walk from where you cannot only watch the beautiful skyline of Singapore but you can also enjoy green gardens by the bay. These beautiful gardens have many portions and the one with artificial super-trees have unique charm. These trees look more attractive at night when they sparkle with light.

What to do as tourist in Singapore is not a question of options. In fact, it is a question related to selection because there is a lot to do in Singapore and you can see all the beautiful places with easy and safe walks due to these sky-walks or bridges. It is an incredible experience to lock the grand and beautiful view of Singapore city lights and other natural reserves from heights. You will feel stunned with such views and like to take a pause to absorb such beauty in your eyes. Further, you will like these walkways more and more because you will see the beautiful architecture of such structures. Most of bridges have unique designs and shapes that make them more attractive. The combination of nature and art gives you a gift of joy and enrich your memories with good things to remember forever.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Make A Good Team With Adventurous Trip On A Boat

Your office work will never end because business always needs growth even if you are on top. While your team helps you in accomplishing what you have planned, you need to boost their enthusiasm for doing great work. Employees work for their employers but there is always a need of teamwork for growth of any business. For boosting the enthusiasm of your employees and co-operation among teams, you need to incentivize the teams in a way that they get personal appreciation as well as team enjoyment.

A group of friends can make a better team compared to a team of strangers because they take less time to adjust with each other. Many organizations arrange for trips to incentivize the top performers but there should always be trips for team building. With a good team, you can achieve anything you want. Singapore is a great destination for a trip because you can explore various beautiful beaches. For reaching these beaches, you can rent a boat and go for a sailing holiday. This is a special treat for any individual to sail on a luxury boat watching the beautiful turquoise water all around. They get time to relieve their stress without worrying about expenditure. Such treats make them feel refresh and improve their commitment towards work because non-monetary incentives keep an important place I life of human.

While your employees get a treat from you, there can be an attempt to make a good team. If your team goes adventurous and does some unofficial fun tasks together, they will understand each other better and you can see a positive impact on your routine work. rent a boat and arrange for adventurous sports with our team. You can play games by making groups and asking them to work together for winning.

If you have different departments, you can arrange for different boats for different departments and do some healthy competitions among departments. You can motivate the team to work well for defeating other teams on other boats. This way each team will try to win and work together. While there can be clashes during work if the teams are not well coordinated, these exercises will make them work together.

A boat trip also brings learning for every person. Even though you get enough space, there is a need to share the space with others on the boat. It is important to learn to adjust with others in a room and share the bathrooms for few days. You get a crew for doing all your works like cooking and serving but for team building, you can ask your team members to cook the food together. Such tasks make them work together happily and give them a proud feeling of cooking food on a sailing boat. These things make wonderful memories and this way you can make a special team where members are not only committed towards the employer but they work for a better performance of their team and team members. Such trips relieve your stress and silently work towards making your company a better workplace.