Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Enjoy Singapore Skylines From Heights

Watching Singapore from the sea gives you a fine look of Singapore skyline from distance. If you visit Singapore, you can sail around Singapore and see the beauty of Singapore from a luxurious yacht. However, Singapore is famous for its sky-walks from where you get a broad view of surrounding areas. There are many famous sky-walks where you can visit. If you are thinking about what to do as tourist in Singapore, you must include one or more of these sky-walks.

Fort Siloso sky-walk in Sentosa will give you lots of information about the defense stories of Singapore. The sky-walk is tall and the bridge for walk is surrounded with treetops so you can enjoy greenery. There is restaurant and resort at the top from where you can take the look of beautiful sea by the side and enjoy delicious food or relax yourself in spa. You can reach to the top via a lift.

If you like to see the greenery all around form a different angle, southern ridges have a lot for you. A mini mountain range of Singapore and forests make the place favorite of all age visitors. The walkways of southern ridges allow you to see these beautiful places with little walk. 

It is good to watch Singapore from the sea while sailing or swimming in the lagoons near beaches but how would it feel to watch the city while swimming at heights? This surely is a thrilling experience. The infinity pool at hotels by the Marina bay has it all for you. You can swim in the pools at the rooftop of a tall hotel where the pool ends at edges of the story. You can see the beautiful scene from heights relaxing in the water or having delicious food in top rated restaurants. This luxurious hotel gives you marvelous joy.

Marina bay area is beautiful and a posh hotel may not be affordable for everyone. However, there is another sky-walk from where you cannot only watch the beautiful skyline of Singapore but you can also enjoy green gardens by the bay. These beautiful gardens have many portions and the one with artificial super-trees have unique charm. These trees look more attractive at night when they sparkle with light.

What to do as tourist in Singapore is not a question of options. In fact, it is a question related to selection because there is a lot to do in Singapore and you can see all the beautiful places with easy and safe walks due to these sky-walks or bridges. It is an incredible experience to lock the grand and beautiful view of Singapore city lights and other natural reserves from heights. You will feel stunned with such views and like to take a pause to absorb such beauty in your eyes. Further, you will like these walkways more and more because you will see the beautiful architecture of such structures. Most of bridges have unique designs and shapes that make them more attractive. The combination of nature and art gives you a gift of joy and enrich your memories with good things to remember forever.

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