Saturday, 10 February 2018

Enjoy The Rich Marine Life of Singapore Closely

Many tourists may think about what to do as tourist in Singapore when they are planning their holidays. Singapore is a beautiful city where tourists have lots of fun.  From food to clothes and gardens to buildings, Singapore offers variety to the tourists. Apart from these, Singapore is best known for its marine life. The turquoise water and white sands make the scene alluring but there is a life under water.

If you charter a yacht and sail through the waterways towards one of the many islands, you will see many sea creatures in the water. However, not all the sea animals are visible on the upper layer of water. The best way to enjoy them is with scuba diving.  There are many charters in Singapore to take you for a sailing trip. While most of them offer you joy of sailing and staying on different islands, few best charters offer you extra services. Manned with experts in different categories, these charters make your trip amazing.

Experienced scuba divers find their own way to enjoy marine life but this may not be easy for inexperienced people. If you are a fresh diver and ready to enjoy the thrill of diving, charter a yacht in Singapore and enjoy diving with experts on the yacht. They not only guide you with the right strategies of diving but also take complete care of your safety. These experts known the sea area very well and help you in selecting the right area for scuba diving.

Singapore marine life is one of the most beautiful marine views attracting the client. The clean and turquoise water of the sea makes it more comfortable and refreshing experience. The life under water is very different. Singapore Sea has many species of fishes and corals. You can find lovely sea stars, clown fishes and seahorses in the water of Pulau Hantu. You may find Bamboo sharks in the water and see many turtles swimming peacefully. Pulau Hantu is famous for the rich amount of coral reefs. The hard and soft reefs are beautifully placed by nature in the water of this island.

If you do not like diving, you still do not have to worry about what to do in Singapore. Marine life of Singapore is not only for divers. It is a fun to go fishing near Sisters’ island. The best place for fishing is the channel between two islands. There you can catch many species of fishes while your eyes may get a chance to capture octopus, nudibranch or periclimenes also known as anemone shrimp. These beautiful creatures are eye catching and you may always find a chance to click an image but that is a matter of skill and luck. On Kusu Island, you will see many tortoises. It is a different experience to see so many tortoises together.

Although the sea has a rich underwater life with so many species of coral reefs, fishes and other creatures in every area; diving experience near some secluded islands will make it worth. Where crowd is high, animals fear to stay. On secluded islands, you will find more creatures living peacefully. Get help of the experts when you charter a yacht and make your experience wealthy.

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