Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Beautiful Singapore from the Highs and the Lows

Singapore is a beautiful city undoubtedly. The visitors always get confused about what to do as tourist in Singapore because there are so many things to do. The detailed visit of Singapore brings you many beautiful things but the overall look of Singapore is stunning. Singapore looks great from up and down. Whether you climb the highest point or dive to the lowest point, Singapore leaves you stunned.

1. The Highs

what to do as tourist in Singapore

With a beautiful city architecture and a spectacular skyline, watching it from the height gives you amazing scenes that you can never forget. Watching the sun setting in the water and the reddish light of setting sun making the city look beautiful is a breathtaking experience. Climbing some of the peaks is the right thing what to do as tourist in Singapore. The most famous among the heighted views is Singapore flyer. The place of flyer gives you the best scenes of Singapore. You may also go for the tallest buildings in the city that provide you a skywalk to enjoy the scenes. Tiger sky tower is also a great place to get a 360-degree view from good height.

  • The Sands Hotel Gives an Amazing Look

The sands hotel

If you are ready to spend enough money then marina bay has a lot for you. The restaurants at the gardens by the bay will give you good scenes of the bay area. The sands hotel gives an amazing look of the bay area from good height. You may need to spend good money for this hotel. The financial center at marina bay also gives a great view of the surroundings.
  • Cable Car Trips

Cable car trips to Sentosa are distinct experiences for a height view. If you want to take a skywalk away from city and enjoy some greenery then go for the south ridges or fort Siloso.

2. The Lows

Charter Boat Singapore
With a charter boat, you can get the best view of Singapore city as you sail in the water. Where the city life ends, the marine life starts. While the highs keep your eyes wide open, the lows reach to your heart by the way of eyes. Marine life of Singapore is a unique thing to see. With help of scuba diving, you can see the beauty of Singapore deep down the water levels. There is a colorful life awaiting you.

  • Sea Creatures


Get a charter boat to explore the water world of Singapore and find right places to jump in and spend some time with the sea creatures. You can get expert help if you are not expert in this but this task is worth doing. The real attraction of Singapore exists in water. Many species of fishes, seahorses, tortoises, octopuses and many species of beautiful coral reefs stay in the Singapore water.
  • Underwater Aquarium at Sentosa

Singapore From The Sea

You may sail towards any island with a charter boat to explore the life near the island. Apart from that, the underwater aquarium at Sentosa will take you to the underwater ride. Enjoy the lower world of the Singapore from a close view. You will not be able to decide what the best is- the highs or the lows.

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