Friday, 16 March 2018

Distinctive Places to Party in Singapore

Partying is a favorite activity for youngsters. If you are in Singapore, there are plenty of places to party. Not just the routine party places but also a few extraordinary party venues await you for the party. Pubs, bars, clubs etc. are obvious choice for party where you can enjoy all night dancing with your friends. For a stags night, club party pay be the first choice but the below party venues may change your mood.

Beach party

Singapore has many beaches with clean white sand. You can select any beach for arranging a party. If you are not wishing to go on a crowded beach for party, then sail towards one of the secluded islands and celebrate your stags night there. It is fun to celebrate a secret party on secluded island. You will have a lot of space and no one will disturb you. You can party freely as much as you want to. Seclude islands are beautiful because of their untouched original beauty. Make sure you do not leave the mark of party behind in form of garbage.

Yacht party

If you are looking for a more secret place and want to enjoy a party while sailing on the water with all facilities, arrange a yacht party and get all luxurious set up for a rocking party. The charter will arrange for the party according to your wish. They will suggest you good decorators for party arrangements. They can also arrange musical band for making your party rocking. If you want to play your favorite track instead, then you can bring your pen drive filled with your favorite songs. There is a good quality music system on the yacht connected to a computer in saloon area. Dance hard with your friends and have delicious food when hungry. Your yacht party will not miss a drink. There is a small bar with licensed bar tender to serve you with drinks, of course in a magnificent glassware.


Not suitable for a stags night party but for a dinner party, this is a thrilling experience. Aquariums are great places for kids but the underwater aquarium of Singapore is a great place for all age groups. How about a dine set up surrounded by the sea creatures? You can arrange a dinner party in the aquarium where you can have food, watching sharks moving around you. It is an adventure to have food when you know you are under a roof surrounded by sea. The color of turquoise water will make the atmosphere unique.


Singapore’s water world is exclusive but this is not the only charm of area. There are many skywalks where you can take an adventurous walk. Super tree is a man made attraction that looks best with its design and the lights in night. The super tree skywalks are famous for watching these beautiful trees but a special tree top restaurant may make a great spot for dining while partying. Spend your time by the bay and enjoy the beautiful place at night.
Singapore is a place for ultimate celebration. The city never stops celebrating. You will get a natural atmosphere for party because these people are habitual of making parties better.

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